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The Bert's Box is one of the most popular products that we sell and install at Bert’s Truck Equipment. This is exclusive to our company and it’s a truck transformation that you will not find anywhere else!

The build begins with a semi truck of your choosing. We bring it into our shop and strip the rear of the truck down to the frame. The axles and auxiliary systems on the truck are removed and safely stored for later. After the rear of the truck has been prepped, It’s time to cut the frame. Our in-house fabricators have done hundreds of Bert’s Box installs and we follow a process that allows us to get it right the first time, every time.

With the frame carefully measured and cut, It’s time to extend it. Depending on the customer’s specific needs, The length of the Bert’s Box and frame extension is usually between 20 to 26 feet and 8 feet wide. Due to this being a completely custom package, we can configure your truck any way you want.

When it comes to the box itself, we use 3/16” steel for the floor and 10 gauge steel for the walls. This is the perfect combination of material thickness to hold up to the toughest jobs while still being weight friendly.  The Bert’s Box construction is then topped off with a combo end gate.

After all of the custom welding and fabrication is complete, It is brought over to our sandblasting booth and stripped of any contaminants that would cause an issue with the paint.  Finally, We prime and paint the Bert’s Box with the customers specified paint. When the paint dries, We perform a detailed final inspection of all of the work performed.

We only use quality high strength frame materials. The steel we use for frame stretching is rated at 70,000 lb/in yield in 20 foot lengths. This choice in material ensures that your vehicle is just as structurally sound as the day it rolled off the line. Not only do we use incredibly durable materials, but the frame is stripped and we start the outer glove all the way up at the rear motor mount. The result? A solid foundation that can be counted for years to come.

While we do offer almost every brand of suspension out there, we typically install Watson & Chalin. Their 5 year warranty is tough to beat and has served our customers well on hundreds of projects per year.

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