Since 1939 our company has helped thousands of customers equip their fleet and keep their business running properly. Whether you work in agriculture or you're the fleet manager for the department of transportation, Bert's Truck Equipment can help you outfit your vehicle to properly suit your needs.

With over 100 years of combined family service we guarantee we can help you with any truck equipment question. Our technicians and experienced sales staff can help you today!

Burts Box home

One of the most popular products that we sell and install at Bert’s Truck Equipment is the Bert’s Box. This is exclusive to our company and it’s a truck transformation that you will not find anywhere else!

bpss home

Bert’s Truck Equipment is one of the largest Boss plow and accessory equipment dealers in the state. Due to the massive volume of Boss plows we sell every year, we get exclusive pricing and deep dealer discounts that allow us to be extremely competitive. Need help with choosing a plow? Contact us today. 

Service Bodies Home

When it comes to choosing a service body for your vehicle, we can help you customize it to fit your needs. Not only do we order it exactly the way you need it, but our team of fabrication and installation experts can help make changes and upgrades to the body itself to ensure it works properly for you.

Van Home

At Bert’s Truck and Equipment, we understand that getting your freshly purchased van outfitted and on the road immediately is extremely important! We work with all of the major service body and van interior upfitter companies out there right now, including Weather Guard, Sortimo and Adrian Steel.

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